Thursday, February 26, 2009

Engrish anyone?

So one thing you need to know about Korea is that most of people hear have had a few years English in school which they promptly forget. So just like I can remember a few things of high school Spanish (aka hello, goodbye, and can mispronounce everything on menu at Las Margaritas) do the Korean's with English. But because their language is SO different than English....the words and the thoughts get mixed up very easily (their grammer reminds me of Yoda from Star wars) . So all the numbers you would recognize...and a vast majority of the stores all have Korean lettering (called Hangugo for anyone that actually cares) The occasional store/restaurant will use English for its name. When they come up with slogans....or attempt translations....they don't always translate well. This is known as engrish (with an R) My picture this week is of the first restaurant I went to in Korea. Being an American, my boss decided to take me across the street for pizza. (never mind there was a Pizza Hut 2 blocks away....) The restaurant is called "Mr Pizza" and their sloan is "Love for women" The pizza was different...good...but different.... Instead of sausage and had potatoes, corn chips, corn, and something that reminded me of the butter you get on top of the pancakes at Denny's.

Anywho...if anyone can figure out how "Love for women" is supposed to get me to eat their pizza...could they please explain it to me....its been driving me crazy every time walk by (twice a day)


  1. You must unlearn what you have learned, about pizza.

    How are your living quarters?

  2. Maybe giving pizza is how you show "love for women."

  3. Easy. Crust... good on pizza, bad on pus- I mean. Um. Hmm. The margarine stuff was probably sweet potato or white sauce of some kind. Corn chips? Really? What kind of pizza did you get? Next time go for pepperoni. It's also possible that it's in anticipation of White Day or something. Loving the blog; keep it up.