Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Belated Bacon Day!!!

So many Americans like bacon...but do they ever truly celebrate it? Like set aside a whole day called bacon day? No....well 3-3 was Bacon Day in Korea and it was wonderful...

So I spent the weekend in Seoul on a training camp. It took about a little over an hour to get from my place on the eastern outskirts of Seoul to the conference on the western edge using both the bus and the subway...did I mention 1 HOUR....GO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!!...anyways....the conference was divided into 2 sections. One for the Korean natives and one for the English speakers. There were about 15 of us... from all of the world. We had hosers and honkeys, Kiwis and Kenyans, Brits and even born in a Korean (but raised in the states). By day, we learned about lesson plans, managed to get thru classroom management, and went over ways to keep the kids engaged. By night, we explored the city that is Seoul and the city that is Korea (Korea is to Seoul what New York City is to New York state)...did homework, hung out, listened to music and ate street vendor food. All in all in felt a bit like university (and yes...I know last month I would have said college....but the the world has this funny way of rubbing off on you)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Bacon Day. Just wait until you celebrate Peppero Day! Speaking of holidays, you have White Day coming up, don't you?