Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Co-Workers

In the back is Joyel (on the left) and Kate (on the right) In the front is Alesha. These are my partners in crime. Joyel moved up to Seoul from Busan last year with her sister....she has 6 sisters totel (they call themselves the army) Kate and Alesha went to elementary school together. But one was in the second grade class 12/30 and the other was on the second grade class 13/30 ...With 40 kids to a room and 30 classes per grade...(doing the math...four times three...carry the one...) thats 1200 students PER GRADE. THATS NUTS each grade is larger than the TOTAL population of my AAAA high school and even then....with 40 kids in an elementary school class the teachers somehow maintain order...I can barely control 8 kids at a time...I have no idea how they can handle 40!!!!

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  1. If they ever give you a class of 40 elementary school students, I will fly to Korea JUST to watch your head explode.