Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cooking in Korea

While this may not look like much to you...this is the culmination of my cooking skills in Korea. This is my first official cooking from sctrach. That's right, I can now cook the infamous pork cutlet that is in every two bit restaurant in Korea. While I haven't quite mastered the side dishes (nor do I have the inclination to store rotten cabbage under my bed for 5 years while it ferments. I would like to talk about the staples of the Korea diet.

The first thing to have to know about Koreans is that they LOVE their side dishes. I can go into any authentic Korean restaurant and have all I can eat pickle radishes and kimchi for FREE. To me...that just sounds strange as I'm used to getting charged for extra fries whenever I go out to hamburgers!!!

While kimchi and pickled radishes are found EVERYWHERE I have also be at restaurants that serve you over a dozen side dishes...and I couldn't recognize anything except the kimchi (which is...due to the oder...hard to miss) and the soup (I didn't know what was in the soup...but all that hot water with stuff mixed in was a dead giveaway for soup).

The Korean's like their rice PLAIN. They savor the flavor of plain rice. What that flavor is...I still don't know. I only know that I still get weird looks from the Koreans that I'm with when I put any form of sause into my rice!!!

PS I still have yet to eat dogmeat...


  1. Plain rice taste like carbs silly.

  2. LOL... the pickled stuff is all kimchi of one kind or another. The three main veggies made into kimchi are cabbage, radish, and cucumber.

    Congrats on your don casa skillz. I figured out how to make doenjang chige. I'll make you some when you come back and are homesick for Korean. Maybe I should start on making the kimchi chige, too. If I can figure out how to make it vegetarian... hmmm...

  3. Rice may taste like carbs...but the Koreans are the skinniest people in the world...eat like them and the weight will fly off (I'm not just the spokesman...I'm also a client)